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Grease Monkey Garage RampWe all want a local garage to call our own and that will include the residents of Cheddar and the surrounding areas such as Axbridge, Winscombe, Weston Super Mare. Simon Evans owns and operates Grease Monkey Garage Limited which is based in the Cheddar Business Park in Cheddar. Simon Evans is an experienced trading under the name Grease Monkey Garage Limited (not to be confused with other operations with a similar name) from a fully equipped garage and workshop.Gm Body

Therefore, if you own a car or light van no matter whether it is for business or private use you need a reliable car repairs garage in Cheddar. And it's important that this garage is local, with an experienced mechanic in whom you can have complete confidence. Above all, you want to have a fair pricing schedule and that is precisely what Simon Evans of Grease Monkey Garage (Cheddar) promises each and every time.

Keeping your car, van, motorhome or 4x4 well maintained and regularly serviced is the best way to provide reliable motoring, extending the life of you car or van and reduce the overall cost of future repairs by dealing with issues when they are first suspected rather than delaying. Here at Grease Monkey Garage in Cheddar you will quickly gain the confidence that your local mechanic is competent, reliable, honest and offers the very best prices. Many of our garage customers claim they have saved as much as 60% on main dealer prices and have stated how they feel much more confident dealing with a trusted mechanic with a local car repairs garage in Cheddar than using so called ‘fast fit’ centres where commissions and bonuses could influence the work recommended. You can request a quotation using our online form: Quote Me!

Grease Monkey Garage (Cheddar) can handle virtually any mainstream vehicle as well as 4x4’s and light vans. As a local car repair (and servicing) garage in Cheddar, Grease Monkey also provides local small fleet operators regular maintenance inspections and scheduled servicing ensuring that their drivers have dependable vans or cars. This presents the fleet operator with a group pf vehicles, for the most part, bereft of expensive and unexpected breakdowns which inevitably reflects on their own customer service perceptions.

Highlighted are some highlights of what you expect...

  • Experience, Local Mechanic in Cheddar
  • Local Service, Presence and Fully Equipped Workshop
  • Open and Honest Assessments
  • Fair Pricing Policy
  • Complete Range of Mechanical Repairs
  • Fast Service from Booking In to Repair Completion
  • Vehicle Services - Oil Change, Interim Services, Major Services etc.
  • Clutches, Brakes, Suspension, Electrical, Fuel & Diagnostics
  • Breakdown Service with No Callout Charge
  • Recovery Within 15 Mile Radius of Cheddar

As such, if you are seeking a local garage in Cheddar with a comprehensive, fully equipped workshop which is responsive, customer focused, competent and inexpensive then you need look no further than Grease Monkey Garage in Cheddar which is owned and run by mechanic Simon Evans.

Everyone accepts that regular maintenance and servicing will diminish the risks of vehicle breakdowns but clearly they are rarely eliminated, such is the nature of the complex systems, components and parts in modern cars and vans. The good news is Grease Monkey Garage (Cheddar) have your back and we won't hold you to ransom. We offer a 24/7 breakdown service with no callout charges. To be clear, if your car or van breaks down within a 15 mile radius of Cheddar, an experienced mechanic will attend and you will only be charged for the time taken to investigate and, if possible, repair the fault. Can't be fairer than that! But that is not all, if your vehicle requires recovery, we will not charge you for this service so long as we are asked to complete the repairs at our garage in Cheddar. We really want to ensure that any transaction with our customers is a genuine a ‘win win’.

If you are worried about your car or van failing it’s MOT you are not alone and we also have you covered there. We can undertake a vehicle inspection using current MOT guidelines and complete any work (if required) to ensure that your visit to the MOT Testing Station doesn't test you as well! The real bonus is, you won’t have to to be concerned as to whether the work was actually necessary (to have a successful MOT) or just a way to bump up the value of the test fee. Moreover, you need not feel that you have been backed into a corner because you need to get your vehicle back on the road. Just as important is, you can avoid the risk of your car being marked as unroadworthy and banned from the road until essential repairs are undertaken and a re-test completed. This allows you to remain in control of the situation. That said, of course, if your vehicle is unroadworthy we would also recommend immediate repairs for your own peace of mind and safety and in line with our own obligations to you and other road users.

We cover the following areas: Weston Super Mare, Cross, Axbridge, Brinscombe, Lower Weare, Badgworth, Biddisham, Tarnock, Rooks Bridge, East Brent, Eastertown, Lympsham, Compton Bishop, Winscombe, Shipham, Rowberrow, Star, Churchill, Sandford, Upper Langford, Burrington, Charterhouse, Webbington, Loxton, Banwell, Elborough, Locking, Bleadon, Blagdon, Stone Allerton, Crickham, Cocklake, Chapel Allerton, West Stoughton, Wedmore, Draycott, Rodney Stoke, Westbury-sub-Mendip, Easton and Burtle.

We offer a wide range of mechanical services Servicing, Repairs & Maintenance


Let Grease Monkey Garage take care of all your vehicle servicing needs!

We appreciate that the terminology used by different manufacturers to describe their vehicle service schedules can be a touch confusing. Our aim is to steer you in the right direction. Most manufacturer will provide a schedule for each type of service and we would recommend that you keep to these schedules, even in your vehicle is out of warranty. Failing which we would recommend a service every 12,000 miles or 12 months to improve your chances of trouble-free motoring.

Services are invariably described using the following language:

  • Oil & Filter Change
  • Interim Service
  • Full Service
  • Manufacturer Service

The latter will involve following the manufacturers schedule and specification in terms of service and parts. This type of service is essential if your vehicle is within the manufacturer’s warranty period.

But don’t worry, we will go through the various options available to you based on your needs, those of the vehicle, any specific manufacturer requirements and, of course, your budget. We can also offer a brake fluid service, air conditioning service and scheduled cambelt changes.

Repairs & MOT Preparation on all cars, 4x4's and light vans.

Even if you keep to the manufacturers recommendations vehicle parts will inevitably require maintenance, repair or replacement. After all, nothing lasts forever and here a Grease Monkey Garage we can deal with these issues on your behalf. Sometimes it may only require a little tweaking or adjustment but whatever the issue we can, following your instruction, get on with resolving the issue.

For smaller jobs we offer a 'Drop 's Go' service where you can leave your vehicle with us in the morning and collect it on your way home. Alternatively, subject to availability, we can provide a courtesy car for the duration of your repair.

Our servicing, repairs and replacements are not limited to the following but, these are the most common areas where our expertise is sought.

  • Clutches – Repairs & Replacements
  • Suspensions – Adjustment, Repairs & Replacement
  • Timing Belts/Chains – Adjustment, Repairs & Replacement
  • Suspension & Steering – Adjustment, Repairs & Replacement
  • Wheel Bearing – Replacement and Balancing
  • Batteries – Diagnostics & Replacements
  • Brakes – Adjustment, Repairs & Replacements

Our range or repair services also includes: Engine & Gearbox rebuilds, alternators, water pumps, starters etc.

Routine Maintenance, Diagnostics & Upgrades

The key to reliable motoring is a good maintenance regime and dealing with issues before they become expensive. All vehicles are subject to wear and tear and an MOT only covers the legal minimum standard for the road and, inevitably, it does not cover everything on your vehicle. Early, pre-emptive repairs can often prevent much larger expenses later or a complete failure. Whether you have a family vehicle, business vehicle or operate a fleet, we will be more than happy to maintain your vehicle or vehicles.

We can complete any of the following;

  • Winter Checks
  • Investigation and Diagnosis
  • MOT Preparations
  • DPF Cleaning
  • Regular checks for Fleet Operators
  • Upgrades & New Installations

We can complete retrofits on most mechanical or electrical parts. Let us know what you need

For fleet operators we can, subject to negotiations, keep a selection of routine maintenance parts 'on the shelf' such as mirrors, bulbs, batteries etc.

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