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MOT Preparation & MOT Work in: Cheddar & Weston Super Mare

If your car or light van is due for an MOT then it's a good idea to consider taking your vehicle to an independent garage for a pre-MOT check and preparation for the big day. Most of us have been in the situation where a an MOT test station has delivered the bad news that your car has failed. In most cases they will offer to complete the repairs for a small ransom and you feel pressured to have the work completed at the price quoted in order that your vehicle can be made road legal. In the case of so called 'fast fit' centres you can't help wondering whether the work is completely necessary, manufactured on the run or priced at a premium on the basis that you are a captive audience. The wise move is to pre-empt this situation by submitting your vehicle for a pre-MOT check prior to booking your MOT. We offer free collection and delivery of you car or, subject to availability, a courtesy car.

Grease Monkey Garage in Cheddar (covering Weston Super Mare and local area) offers a pre-MOT inspection or MOT preparation work completed by a former MOT mechanic. If your car has already failed the MOT and your choice is to have the work completed at the MOT station or have it recovered, don't worry. If you book the work with us, we will recover your vehicle to our garage free of charge. If you decide not to proceed with the work a small charge will apply for the recovery. Remember, we have a well-deserved reputation for keen prices, service and quality of work which means that our customers come from all over the area including, but not limited to; Cheddar, Winscombe, Shipham, Axbridge, Churchill, Langford, Weston Super Mare, Bleadon, Axbridge, Locking Hutton, Banwell, Sanford, Congresbury, Yatton, Nailsea, Cleave and Kewstoke.Gm Body

Our pre-MOT inspection uses current MOT guidelines and ends in an advisory on any work that may need to be completed prior to submission to an MOT station. This avoids the inconvenience of having your car fail the MOT and all the inconvenience that follows on. MOT preparation follows the same process with the identified work being completed by us. The main advantage here is that you are not going to have to pay premium prices commonplace when you are at the mercy of an MOT station and that you have the opportunity to budget for your repairs. For example, you could commission is to complete the pre-MOT inspection to identify areas of concern and then book the repairs at a later date. Of course, if you have us complete the MOT preparation at the same time, you won't be charged for the pre-MOT inspection. In other words, you are in control. You can request a quotation using our online form: Quote Me!

Losing your vehicle after a failed MOT or during the time taken to conduct an MOT preparation is a major inconvenience therefore our aim is to make the process as painless as possible. With this in mind we offer a ‘Drop ‘n Go’ option and in most cases we can complete the inspections and preparations in a single day. This means you can drop your vehicle in the morning and collect it in the evening. Alternatively, we may be able to offer, subject to availability, a courtesy car for your convenience.

Highlighted below are a number of related tasks we can undertake on your behalf.

  • MOT Inspection - Completed by experienced former MOT Tester
  • MOT Preparation - All work necessary to pass an MOT Test
  • Servicing - Have a routine service at the same time 
  • Other Mechanical Repairs - Any other mechanical work

Our regular customers know we are principled, honest and completely open in our dealings. This is because we believe in having an honest, upfront and open dialogue with each and every one of our customers. With this in mind, we will not suggest or recommend work that is not strictly necessary to pass an MOT unless we consider it prudent in terms of safety, longevity or reliability. Whatever the outcome we will ensure you are fully appraised of the reasons behind our suggestions.

We have invested in the tools and equipment to allow us to complete any works undertaken in an efficient and competent manner.

We offer repairs and servicing for everything from the family car through to 4x4’s and fleet vehicles. In each instance, uppermost in our mind is the need to keep the customer informed, explain everything with the minimum jargon, to be honest, transparent and, of course, keep the price keen! After all, we value loyalty and want to be your first choice whenever you need a service, upgrade or mechanical repair.

We offer a wide range of mechanical services Servicing, Repairs & Maintenance


Let Grease Monkey Garage take care of all your vehicle servicing needs!

We appreciate that the terminology used by different manufacturers to describe their vehicle service schedules can be a touch confusing. Our aim is to steer you in the right direction. Most manufacturer will provide a schedule for each type of service and we would recommend that you keep to these schedules, even in your vehicle is out of warranty. Failing which we would recommend a service every 12,000 miles or 12 months to improve your chances of trouble-free motoring.

Services are invariably described using the following language:

  • Oil & Filter Change
  • Interim Service
  • Full Service
  • Manufacturer Service

The latter will involve following the manufacturers schedule and specification in terms of service and parts. This type of service is essential if your vehicle is within the manufacturer’s warranty period.

But don’t worry, we will go through the various options available to you based on your needs, those of the vehicle, any specific manufacturer requirements and, of course, your budget. We can also offer a brake fluid service, air conditioning service and scheduled cambelt changes.

Repairs & MOT Preparation on all cars, 4x4's and light vans.

Even if you keep to the manufacturers recommendations vehicle parts will inevitably require maintenance, repair or replacement. After all, nothing lasts forever and here a Grease Monkey Garage we can deal with these issues on your behalf. Sometimes it may only require a little tweaking or adjustment but whatever the issue we can, following your instruction, get on with resolving the issue.

For smaller jobs we offer a 'Drop 's Go' service where you can leave your vehicle with us in the morning and collect it on your way home. Alternatively, subject to availability, we can provide a courtesy car for the duration of your repair.

We can complete any of the following;

  • Winter Checks
  • Investigation and Diagnosis
  • MOT Preparations
  • DPF Cleaning
  • Regular checks for Fleet Operators
  • Upgrades & New Installations

We can complete retrofits on most mechanical or electrical parts. Let us know what you need

For fleet operators we can, subject to negotiations, keep a selection of routine maintenance parts 'on the shelf' such as mirrors, bulbs, batteries etc.

Routine Maintenance, Diagnostics & Upgrades

The key to reliable motoring is a good maintenance regime and dealing with issues before they become expensive. All vehicles are subject to wear and tear and an MOT only covers the legal minimum standard for the road and, inevitably, it does not cover everything on your vehicle. Early, pre-emptive repairs can often prevent much larger expenses later or a complete failure. Whether you have a family vehicle, business vehicle or operate a fleet, we will be more than happy to maintain your vehicle or vehicles.

Our servicing, repairs and replacements are not limited to the following but, these are the most common areas where our expertise is sought.

  • Clutches – Repairs & Replacements
  • Suspensions – Adjustment, Repairs & Replacement
  • Timing Belts/Chains – Adjustment, Repairs & Replacement
  • Suspension & Steering – Adjustment, Repairs & Replacement
  • Wheel Bearing – Replacement and Balancing
  • Batteries – Diagnostics & Replacements
  • Brakes – Adjustment, Repairs & Replacements

Our range or repair services also includes: Engine & Gearbox rebuilds, alternators, water pumps, starters etc.

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